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Free Download Deadlox Injector APK 2024 (New Latest Version) V9.105.17 for android Aim Bot Auto Headshot New Maps Aim Lock Unlock Characters Drone View. After players develop their skills, taking out the opposition without bleeding out is conceivable.
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We know that Garena Free Fire is one of the most addictive and fun games. If you have the full version of the game, you can play immediately and enjoy the game to the fullest. However these games have some locked features, and players use costly injectors to unlock these features. But we have a free injector called Deadlox Injector APK Ob38 for FF game players to enjoy and unlock all the features of the games. It comes with the best free-fire modes, skins, characters, weapons, and character customization. With all these features, you’ll be killing time as fast as possible!

More than a million downloads have been made of it. You have to complete all the missions and challenges to earn more diamonds and further features. Also, try similar legend apps and tools like Sakib Gamer King.

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What is the Deadlox Injector APK?

The Deadlox Injector is one of the best free game applications in the Android market. This is a shooting game that lets you play free online games with your friends in various categories. It is a present for FF players. So if you’re looking for the most realistic battle royale games with the most exciting gameplay and incredible graphics, this is definitely the game for you! It has a wide range of weapons that you can use to kill your opponents. And you can also use shields to protect yourself from enemy attacks! There are different types of weapons, like the sniper rifle and the machine gun.

This upgraded injector is filled with unique gaming options that improve gamers’ gaming abilities. After players develop their skills, taking out the opposition without bleeding out is conceivable. Auto Headshot, ESPs, Aimbot 99%, Ghost Mode, and FF Tokens are just a few of its amazing features. Play all FF games for free with your friends, family, and relatives with Deadlox Injector OB39.

Features of the Deadlox Injector APK:

Deadlox Injector OB36 APK:

is ready to inject FF games with additional features that make it an even better FF game mod. As every feature has been thoroughly tested, there won’t be any errors during combat.

Aim Bot:

With the aim bot, it has made aiming easy and fun! Players can use it to make their shots more accurate by controlling their target direction and velocity.

Auto Headshot:

This feature allows you to shoot enemies at a very short distance. It will lock and target the aim on the opponent’s head to kill them at once. 

New Maps:

The Deadlox Injector APK features new maps that let you choose between a variety of different modes, including survival, capture the flag and team deathmatch.

Aim Lock:

Aim Lock is a feature that allows you to lock in on your target before firing the shot. This helps you aim more accurately.

Unlock Characters:

There are a variety of characters to choose from, and each character has its own skills, abilities, stats, weapons, and more. You can play as a human, a zombie, a ghost, or even a robot.

Drone View:

After all, drones have a lot of advantages over traditional ground troops. You can see where enemies are, what they can do, and which way they are moving.

New Modes:

With the Deadlox Injector, you can get new modes for free. These new modes let you play the game in different ways.

Other Main Features:

  1. Anti-Ban
  2. Free of Cost
  3. No Crushing
  4. Support All Server
  5. Do Not Use Your Main Account
  6. Main Menu:
  7. Antiban 100%
  8. Menu Aim+Head:
  9. Aim Lock
  10. Aimbot
  11. Aim Head
  12. Easy Head
  13. Menu Sensitivity:
  14. Ultra Drag
  15. High Sensitivity
  16. Smooth Device
  17. Menu ON/OFF Settings:
  18. Activate All
  19. Deactivate All
  20. Also, supports Android 5 to 13
  21. Support Root and Non-Root devices

Deadlox Injector APK Features Image:

How to Download the Deadlox Injector APK?

  1. Click the download button at the top of the content.
  2. Wait for the downloading process.
  3. After finishing the downloading process open your download files and search and open the app
  4. Go to your mobile settings and allow the Unknown Source option to install third-party apps.
  5. Click on the install button and start the installation process.
  6. After the installation, the app’s icon will be shown on your mobile screen click on it and enjoy the latest features
  7. Allow all the further asked options.
  8. New updates today 2024


If you are looking for a game to play that will entertain you and make you laugh, you should consider playing Deadlox Injector. This game has a great storyline, a variety of characters, and fun new features. There are several types of levels, and you can complete each level as quickly as you can. So, try it out to get more!


What is Deadlox Injector APK?

The Deadlox Injector is one of the best free game applications in the Android market.

Is it Free to Download/Install?

Yes, it is free to download for all Android users.

Is it Safe to Install/Download?

Yes, it is safe and secure to install for all Android users.

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